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What is the website about?

Bridging Voice is a US based organization that aims to enable and empower people with neurodegenerative disorders to communicate by removing the barriers between them and assistive technology.

What did the organization wish to achieve?

The online presence purpose of this portal is to be able to show what kind of assistance bridging voice can provide from consultation, training, resources, technological support, and customized solutions.

What did Polar Stork provide to Bridging Voice?

The website was built on having an information portal for users who are seeking support in neurodegenerative diseases for them and for their families and also for health practitioners on available communication options, streamline the process of accessing special technologies, and provide ongoing support, training, and customization to maximize every client’s quality of life. This was achieved by creating a friendly user interface and experience by creating the features listed below:

  1. The UI and UX of the website was built in an interactive way so a useris able to clearly understand what Bridging Voice provides by demonstrating the services in separated sections and graphics.
  2. A donation page is also created so people can also donate to Bridging Voice to support their mission through allot of services that are free of cost to all their clients. Diagnoses can be overwhelming for families both emotionally and financially.
    This feature supports one time donation and monthly donations, so a user can choose to donate one time or recurrently.
  3. This Information portal is backed up by a custom easy to use content management system by building a custom theme so the admin can smoothly update and manage the content of the website in an intuitive way from text to images and colors, while optimizing the performance of the site. In addition the admin can also view the donations made via the dashboard for better insights.
  4. The theme built is SEO friendly powered by google schema and best practices so the website can be found easily by search engines.

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I loved the attention we were given. The founder gave me the one-on-one VIP service that we could never get from a larger firm. He was available at all times, day or night.

Karina Nagin
- Executive Director Bridging Voice

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