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Turkey, New York.

What is the website about?

Refugee Solidarity Network is a US based non-profit organization assisting local non-profits to help refugees in Turkey. The Information Portal For Refugees in Turkey is based on offering up to date legal information about the rights, procedures and obligations applicable to persons seeking asylum in Turkey.

What did the organization wish to achieve?

The online presence purpose of this portal is to be able to provide up to date information about refugee rights, obligations…etc based on their language of choice and their country of origin.

What did polarstork provide to rsn?

The website was built on having an information portal for users who are seeking asylum in Turkey. A guiding port is created to facilitate the finding of information for users. This was achieved by creating a friendly user interface and experience by creating the features listed below:

  1. The user can choose from a variety of 4 languages to view the website (English, Arabic, Farisi, Turkish ) and then will be asked to select one of 2 origins (Syrian or other), after that the user will be navigated to the info portal to choose between the topics available that suits the users’ interest.
    This solution gave a clear navigation path, so the user can directly get into the content needed without shifting back and forth to get to the content.
  2. A full search feature was developed and customized for RSN using Algolia by indexing all the websites’ content in the 4 languages mentioned above, so users can easily find what they are looking for.
    According to Algolia insights, 2.07K search requests were made with 1.78K records by December 2021, so this feature helped users to be able to get what they need faster, jumping directly to what they are digging into from refugee rights, to marriage rights to registration …etc.
  3. This Information portal is backed up by a custom easy to use content management system by building a custom theme so the admin can smoothly update and manage the content of the website in an intuitive way from text to images and colors, while optimizing the performance of the site.
  4. The theme built is SEO friendly powered by google schema and best practices so the website can be found easily by search engines.

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RSN has worked with Polar Stork continuously for the last few years on a number of projects, the most noteworthy being our Information Portal for Refugees in Turkey (Info Portal), a joint initiative with our long-standing partner Refugee Rights Turkey. The Info Portal is a one-of-a-kind multi-lingual resource for refugees that provides accessible, reliable information in various formats. We have been impressed at Polar Stork’s ability to handle this complex project in languages with different direction formats and alphabets. We have benefitted from creative brainstorming around visual layout and display as well as technical features. It has been a real pleasure to work with Polar Stork and we highly recommend them to other NGOs and social enterprises!

Zaid Hydari
- Founder of RSN

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