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Lebanon, The Netherlands.

What is the website about?

Nadim Karam is an artist who founded his multi-disciplinary practice, Atelier Hapsitus in Beirut in 1996, which branched to Rotterdam in 2020 as Nadim Karam Studio (NKS). The studio develops and implements large-scale public art installations and exhibitions worldwide.

What did the organization wish to achieve?

The online presence of Nadim Karam Studio is to be able to show the art he provides based on his conviction that cities should dream. His site projects engage in enhancing perceptions of diversity in the society. The online presence of NKS will also help the public and his students have access to his art archives and exhibitions.

What did Polar Stork provide to Nadim Karam Studio?

The website was built on having an artistic design to portray the different art that NKS creates from a variety of public art, paintings, sculptures, and urban studies. This was achieved by developing a friendly user interface that shows of the artistic work of NKS by creating the features listed below:

  1. The UI and UX of the website was built in an interactive way so a user
    is able to clearly understand what NKS provides by demonstrating the different kinds of arts in separated sections and graphics.
  2. An exhibition page is also created so users can have a better view of the events that NKS prepares  based on an interactive timeline.
  3. A built in media library is developed so NKS is able to publish the interesting topics, snippets, and personal books that would emphasize about his art and works.
  4. This website is backed up by a custom easy to use content management system by building a custom theme so the admin can smoothly update and manage the content of the website in an intuitive way from text to images, while optimizing the performance of the site.
  5. The theme built is SEO friendly powered by google schema and best practices so the website can be found easily by search engines.

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