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What is the website about?

Twelve a Side gives you the insights and statistics you need to get the most out of the football games you love.

What did the organization wish to achieve?

The purpose of Twelve a Side is to be able to better reach football fans and let them easily get reliable sports analysis & tips, compare teams and players in order for them to start betting with confidence.

What did Polar Stork provide to Twelve a Side?

The website was built on having an informative platform for football fans were they can:

1. Stay up-to-date on upcoming games.
2. Easily compare players and teams.
3. Place their bets.

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Twelve a Side was founded in 2018. The 2 tech versions of the product have been developed by Polar Stork, and the company is maintaining the website on a permanent basis. During these 4 years, I experienced the great evolution of Polar Stork, that provided progressively an improving quality in terms of technology, and became more and more accurate in delivering on the time agreed on. The CEO of the company has shown great reactivity to occasional problems occurring on the maintenance and the project manager that took care of the relationship with Twelve a Side for the development of the second version of the product was excellent in explaining tech issues to a non-tech person.

Khalil Hatem
- CEO Twelve a Side

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